Last night we had our 50s 60s Sock Hop for our Probus club.  Pat and I were on the organizing committee and we have been meeting all winter for the planning.

Wonderful success.  About 50 members and everyone came in character.  I was actually under dressed with my A & W tee shirt and rolled up black pants with white socks.  Lots of Elvis and poodle skirts and the Fonz complete with ciggies rolled up in the tee shirt arm.

We had 8 varieties of Chilies with all the accouterments.  A DJ and a room full of decorations.  All this for $20 a person and I think we will make a profit.

The decorations were fabulous.  In addition to my individual records (which everyone loved) the walls were covered with signs.  Bev (our social leader) made center pieces for each table of  Sundaes out of red cups that were beautiful and someone brought a cardboard Cadillac for the photo booth.

Lots of line dances and limbo and hula dances.  Granted everyone is 70 or older so the limbo bar was not that low.   Great party.