One of the rarest elements on Earth is the Helium molecule.

In my Cosmology class we learn that when the cosmos was formed the basic building molecules were Hydrogen and Helium.  Every other molecule from carbon to gold to rhodium only came about as stars collapsed and in their final death explosions drove protons and neutrons together to produce the heavier elements.  Even with that hydrogen and helium make up 99.9% of all the mass of the universe.

When the gasses produced by the collapse of stars started to coagulate to form the new stars with massive fusion of hydrogen and helium, a few remote gatherings took place for planets.  In the rare extreme Iron based lumps came about like Earth and the moon.  With all the heat in the gravity involved most of the natural helium evaporated although hydrogen remained trapped in molecular combinations such as water.  Billions of years pass and helium is almost gone on earth.

Never-the-less we are still able to capture the minute traces of helium.  Very valuable in scientific experiments but the largest use is still blowing up balloons for parties.  Once these gasses are released they flow up into the atmosphere and escape earth’s gravity.   Still there is one remaining value to mankind.

We brought a group of floating balloons home from our sock hop party.  Tonight as Pat was closing up on the computer I cut open a couple of balloons and after breathing in the helium I was able to join her in the den and do my donald duck imitation, which made her laugh.  Rare helium gas lost forever to our planet, but it made her laugh.

What a weird concept.