You all know that as I building a model, I come to significant stages.  The keel and the hull and the framing of certain decks.

There are steps where I cannot go back later after the framing and decking is complete to add the guns and oven and pumps.  I must add these details before I can move on to the top deck frames and decking.  These are elements that would be added much later in a real ship, but you add when you can.

I spent the last month or so turning guns on the lathe, building carriages, fixing the recoil lines and the eye bolts that secure the guns to the hull.  Adding the oven and certain support frames.

Today I finished the main gun deck.  26 eighteen pounder guns.  There will be more guns on the upper decks.

I include a picture of a gun and carriage that was left over.  I have learned, by sad experience, to produce more than I need because accidents happen.   This time it did not, so this will go into the pile of leftovers,  that sadly no model builder will ever use.

The lines or ropes that connect the guns to the hull are the recoil braces that hold the gun after it has been fired.

In reality you would never see all of them in the firing positions on both sides except in an exhibition as they sailed into port or on a model.  But it is traditional in model displays.

I am sorry about the second picture.  I really should clean up the workbench before taking a picture, but this is what my shop looks like.

I actually finished this early today (4 PM) , and said, well I have been working to this for a couple of month’s what do I do now.  Went upstairs and helped prepare dinner.