I have just finished reading two Jack Reacher books back to back.  It has given me a new vision of what I could be.

While I am not 6 foot 5 inches, I do weigh almost the same as him and I have a similar military background (well I was an Air Cadet)

So I have been practicing my moves in case I come across evil guys on the streets of Courtenay.  I will wait for them to try and punch me but will quickly duck and spin and kick out their knee and then head butt them into submission.  I will grant you the head butting kind of gives me a head ache just thinking about it, but how hard could it be?

I can just see myself wandering around town saving innocent people for no remuneration.  Possibly putting my life at risk for people I never knew before and would never would know again.

Wait a minute, did I say no remuneration?

Well maybe I will just finish the book that I need for my book club.  All Quiet on the Western Front.

We shall see.