As many of my fans would remember, I spend the summer trapping wascally wabbits in the back yard.  The varmints eat all the flowers that I plant.

When we first moved into the neighborhood they were never an issue.  But as the years passed, many of the parents that gave cute little rabbits to their kids only to realize they turn into huge beasts, would convince the kids that the best thing to do was to release them on a golf course where they would live happily ever after.  This is actually true because letters in the local paper advised parents to do this.

Of course rabbits do not do well on the 1/4 inch high grass on the greens and the 1/2 inch high grass on the fairways so they went after the yards.  Mild winters and a breeding period of 6 weeks meant we became infested.  As we sat for supper last summer, it was not unusual to see 3 – 4 rabbits in the back yard (and the resultant loss of annual flowers).

So I started trapping them in a cage.  Pat would never let me wring their necks or donate them to the couples that we know that eat rabbit, so I had to drive them up the island to release them in someone else’s property.  Granted I always thought I would release them in a field that gave the opportunity for the glorious American Eagles that we enjoy seeing flying around, to go feed (at least that was my justification).

This spring there is a virus that is killing the rabbits on the island.  It happens when there is an over abundance of any species.  I am cheering it on.

But here is the ironic part.  This morning I found a Chocolate Easter bunny beside my computer.  No idea where it came from.  Pat, who loves these little varmints, did not get anything.

Go figure!!!