Some of you may remember a blog I published a few years ago about how I abuse my left hand (not abuse as the evil Russian internet trolls look for) but how I favour my right over my left.

You can search for the blog about 2 years ago, but here is the summary.

If my hands were children, I obviously favour the right over the left.  If I need to drill a tiny hole in a piece of wood, the high speed drill is in my favoured hand while the poor little left holds the tiny fragment, knowing full well that the drill may go through and drill into a finger.  If I am carving with an Exacto blade, the right holds the blade and the poor little left is holding the fragment, again, knowing full well, that the blade may eventually slip and cut.  And if there is ever a chance that I have to test if an electrical joint is live, poor lefty gets the job.

As I look at my hands right now, there are far more scars and stitches on the left.

I did not actually intend this to happen.  Like an older brother, the right hand knows he can inflict punishment on the younger brother Lefty, and the master (that would be me) would just look on and say, well, the job has to be done.  You have to read the earlier blog to have a list of all the abuses.

That is pretty much what my blog from 2 years ago said, and to be truthful, I have not tried to correct that.  Let’s face it, the left hand child is not as talented as the golden right hand.

But things are changing.  I have had arthritis for years.  Never as bad as my mother, but it is what it is.

My left hand is now experiencing more arthritic pain.  I have a problem closing the thumb on the palm.  Voltaren cream helps, but I suspect this is a lifetime payback for the abuse.  Not to mention  the issues with holding those little pieces in the model I am building.  And an issue with my golf swing.

The good news is that the left hand has no problem as I type this blog.  I suspect that it will eventually figure out how to get back at me, the master, but right now, I think he just hates his other brother, the right hand.