This week we bought a dozen boneless chicken breasts at a great price at Super Store.  I packaged them up in twosomes and vacuum packed and froze all but two.

So this morning I said to the Bride, why don’t I slice the breasts up into narrow slices and grill to have on a salad.  We have had this before.  Great idea…

I went for my afternoon nap (which seldom includes sleeping) and am reading a Peter James book about a detective in Brighton England.  A good series.

Anyway there is a dead, rich woman that was murdered and Inspector Grace is attending the autopsy.  Lots of smells but the worst comes when they cut the victim’s stomach open to see what was her last meal.  The medical pathologist says… well the last meal she had was Chicken Korma.  Grace and his assistant look at each other and agree that Chicken Korma is one of their favorite dishes  (remember this is in England where Indian meals rule because truly English dishes are boring)

So I skip my nap and arise and announce to Pat (who is of course on the computer doing whatever she does) that there is a change of plans and we are having Chicken Korma for dinner.

I have ordered this at Indian restaurants, but never made it

I went on the internet for the most exotic recipe that turns out required 3 hours of preparation and simmering with dozens of ingredients.     Picked up some fresh Naan and…… it was wonderful.

Of course, as you read this, Pat is washing the dozen dishes and pans I used to prepare the meal.  And we have leftovers.

By the way… I never told Pat that the inspiration for this meal came from the stomach contents from the autopsy of a dead murdered red headed woman in a novel.  Probably a good call before we ate the meal.