What a fabulous evening we are having here in Paradise.

I spent the morning busting Broom (a horrible invasive weed), which normally renders me weak for the rest of the day.  So my meal preparation tonight was hamburgers.  Pat was off to church as we are doing a Little Red Run tomorrow.

It is a lovely evening and we were sitting on the patio enjoying our burgers with a small side dish of Hardbite chips (the best potato chips ever made), drinking a few glasses of wine.

Lois had sent us a couple of CDs of classical music from a string quartet in Saskatoon for our anniversary.  I had ripped them onto the computer, so we were enjoying them on our Sonos out on the patio.

No big rush to finish … again… not to be boring, a lovely evening looking out over the golf course listening to nice music.  Finally I selected a piece that would get us going to clean up and move inside.

Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries.   Of course, those of our generation remember this from our youth from the cartoon where Elmer Fudd is trying (again) to kill Bugs Bunny.  Killa Da Wabbit.

However, this had a different reflection tonight.

Over the previous 3 years we have been infested with rabbits.  Apparently parents would buy a little bunny for their kids, and when the pets became the size of a dog, the family would take the kid for a drive and release the rabbit on the golf course where they could live happy lives ever after (actually documented in letters to the local paper by people that did this).  They did not care what this meant to those who lived beside the golf course.

Our flowers and small plants were devastated.  This time last year I could look out on an evening like this and see at least 3 rabbits in the yard.  So I started trapping them and was catching at least 1 – 2 rabbits a week last summer.  But apparently,  a rabbit virus came to the Island, starting in Victoria in March.  It has killed thousands of the varmints, including all the bunnies in our area.

So, as we were listening to Killa Da Wabbit, I reflected that I may not have to set out the traps this year.  (I know, a long story, but it did have a point).