I realize that it has been a while since my last Blog.  Actually this sounds like when Pat goes to confession at church where she has to admit to the priest that she occasionally (in truth more than occasionally) yells at me.  Anyway that has nothing to do with this blog.

First all I have to admit that I have a pet peeve for people that take shopping carts back to the car and are so lazy they just push it to the next stall and head off.  Why I love the Superstore where you deposit a dollar and then return the cart to a central area and keep the parking stalls open.

Unfortunately our local Costco is filled with lazy people that cannot take their cart 50 metres to the store or a gathering area.  Pat will tell you that I might occasionally mention my opinion to people I see doing this as we walk to the store.  Mildly I might add.

A couple of days ago I went early to Costco to pick up some essentials.  Early enough that I thought I could get a prime spot in the close parking.  I come across a stall that was open but some lazy person who had just left pushed their cart into the middle of the stall and took off.  It was such a good spot that I stopped and moved the cart over so I could park.    The cart was filled with plastic wrapping that they left and as I pushed it to the store I realized they had missed something in their haste.  A big bag of Tamari almonds.  Easily $25.

I went back and hid the almonds in the trunk and took the cart back to the store after depositing the wrapping in a trash bin.  Came home and bragged to Pat about my prize.

Pat had a dream last night that reminded her of the story I have often told about when I was 17 and told my father that Percival Motors had undercharged me for service on my 56 Ford.  Dad made me go back and tell the millionaire dealer that I owed them more money.  (TRUE STORY).

Anyway last night Pat had a dream where my father made me take the almonds back to give to the rightful owners.  (at least that was her interpretation)

I justify my keeping the almonds because they deserved to be punished as they did not recycle their packaging material and abandoned their cart in the stall without taking it back to the store or cart area.   I think I am correct but Pat has loaded this guilt trip on me.  Granted the almonds are so delicious, my guilt is minimal.