I thought I was beyond this.

We are retired, and, while not rich, not poor.  No issue on the cost of our next meal or paying a mortgage.

Even in golf it does not really matter for me anymore if I shoot 120 or 80 (well actually it would be nice to shoot an 80) but whatever..  I even went through open heart surgery a few years ago without really worrying about it that much.

I took on the position as the President of the Vancouver Island Miata club because no one else would.  Again no problem.  The Secretary of the club, Wendy does everything.  I just have to show up at meetings and follow her agenda with smiles, tell a few jokes and glad hand and chat with everyone.  My skill set.

But last summer, at a run in Oregon, I was approached by the president of the Boise Idaho Miata club asking for me to organize a joint run when they visit Vancouver Island this June.

No big problem I thought.  Surely as the President I can delegate this to one of my underlings.  Well as it turns out, aside from Pat (and let us not even thinking of going there) I have no underlings.

The club from Idaho is bringing 20 cars for a holiday.  Somehow, Julie, the president of the Idaho club, has commitments from 20 cars for a 3 week run 9 months ago.

I sent out messages to all our club members asking them to help in hosting a BBQ at the group hotel in Nanaimo on June 20 and joining us for a large joint run to Tofino the next day

All these people are showing up from Idaho.   I want a good number of our members to participate.

Problem is that aside from a small group of friends, most are saying… “well we will see how we feel that morning.. maybe…. maybe not”    if they reply at all.  Frustrating.

It is getting down to the crunch.  I am so worried that when Pat and I meet the Idaho group at the Inn in Nanaimo to host a BBQ and then the next day lead a run on the highway to Tofino, that no one shows up.

For the first time in 10 years I have stress and have actually lost sleep.

Then tonight I phoned Wendy.

She is one of the founding members of our Miata club, and for some reason is always involved in our group activities.  Bruce, she says… not going to be a problem.  This is the west coast Vancouver island Miata club.  No one commits, but everyone will all be there.  And she has experience on this.

Aww stess.  I do not miss it.