It is a rainy cool day, so I was down in the workshop working on The Model.

I have a TV in the corner where I watch or listen to programs while engaged in little details on the model.  I have the luxury of watching pre-recorded programs often from other parts of Canada.

So anyway, this afternoon I was watching a program when an ad came on for some artists in Quebec producing Snow Art.  I could not look up at the time because I was clamping tiny pieces together, but it brought back a memory.

When I was quite young, living in Regina, our house did not have indoor plumbing.  We did live in a civilized community, so at the end of the yard was a privy shack on the back alley.  A city worker came around in a honey wagon weekly to replace the bin under the seat.

Great for the spring, summer and fall, but way too cold to visit in mid-winter in Regina.  So our parents had hand dug a basement under the house where it was warm and had installed a “facility”.

My brother and I were encouraged to only use the basement facility for certain solid functions, and to go out to the back shack for, well, let us say the liquid options.

It would be minus 20, and my little brother and I would head out to try and stump through the packed snow to the back facility, when we realized we could instead do snow art.

I suspect it started with trying to write, but little brother was not good at spelling, so we we would try art.

It is apparent, as I came up and checked the internet, not the same kind of snow art.