We have a busy week going on.  So many activities, it’s hard to get my nap in each day.

Today we joined a group for a Dragon Boat excursion out into the Comox Bay.  Our club has some members who Dragon Boat weekly, and they annually invite those who are not weekly members for a day excursion to test it out and see if they want to join the regular club.

The day was perfect.  Beautiful skies, mountains in clear view, lots of seals and eagles to be seen, and calm seas.

We cruised to the end of the bay and back where the drummer and the leader had us go through a series of drills.

Now Pat and I spent many, many hours paddling canoes back in our time in Ontario, but the stroke is different for Dragon Boating.  In canoeing you hold the paddle at a 45 ° angle and carry through the stroke, in Dragon Boating you hold the paddle vertical and it is much more of a chopping motion.  We both picked it up very quickly.

A drummer at the bow sets the paddling pace and Dave on the steering oar at the stern gives us direction.

Granted this is a crew of our club members (ie seniors), so despite my calls we never once went into Battle Speed, let alone Ramming Speed, but still a good workout on the upper limbs.

Then follows why it is nice to be retired.  We pull in and decamp to the park where we enjoy a couple of hours of conversation with appies and wine and beer.

The picture is our group coming into the dock.

It is a good life.