As I am a male person, I love Bacon.  My wife, of course, says this is an evil food.

So I have to slip bacon into my meals that I prepare for her secretly, sort of like I also slip in onions.

The problem is that if I cook the bacon on the stove while she is away at church, she will smell it when she comes in.  Now this is despite the fact that her father, Fred, cooked bacon every Sunday after they came home from church.  It should be a flashback to her childhood but she tells me “you are only cooking this because you like it!!!”       Dauhh why would I do it otherwise?

So for the last few years I buy the pre cooked bacon at Costco and add chopped up pieces to the breakfasts I make for brunch on Sunday.  I occasionally, when Pat is not watching, make myself a BLT sandwich for lunch.   Evil food.

A couple of weeks ago I bought a package of real bacon and cooked it on a cast iron pan on the BBQ side burner outside.  Pat was at church and was not there to admonish me.

I added a few pieces of the real bacon to the omelettes I made.  Pat says these were really great.

The next day I add chopped real bacon to the Caesar salad.  Taste far different than the Bacon Bits and the chopped Costco precooked bacon.

Now here is a side story.  When we were in Calgary, Meagan, Andra and Bronte took Pat for a fancy high tea based on the Royal Wedding of Harry and Meghan.

One of the sandwiches is based on Harry’s favorite.   As every RAF or Army air pilot knew, going back to WW II, if they were heading off on a mission they would be given bacon sandwiches.

So Harry’s favorite sandwich is with bacon.  There you are with the girls being served fancy crust less sandwiches on a tiered platter with one of the options the kind of bacon sandwich that all guys love.  Bacon…

Apparently they consumed them as if they were ravished…..

Bacon… Love it