I have to admit I missed something in my music listening education.

Last year when Gord Downie was dying and took his group Tragically Hip on a cross country tour with all the crying etc, I did not know what the big deal was.  Did not watch the special.

If you asked me at the time I could only name two songs by the TH.  New Orleans and Bobcaygeon.  Granted I only listen to the radio when we are driving somewhere so do not always get to keep up with hits and do not connect songs to the artists.

Now this is so different than when we were young and we listened to the radio all the time and could name all the hits and the artists.  Later on the new music was played at dances and parties we went to.  Disco was hot and we played all the hits at our parties and dances.

Then the kids started to grow up and we had to listen to entirely new music.  James introduced us to Heavy Metal (Alice Cooper and Mettalica)  and the girls brought on all the pop songs of the time.  Spice girls and Madonna.  Still I could connect songs to an artist.

But as we moved into retirement we do not listen to the radio very often.  We play music from the 11,000 songs we have on our Sonos inventory and unless one of the kids give us a CD,  not a lot of new new entries.  Of course lots of softer songs.  Lois just gave us two CDs of chamber music for example.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, our favorite device to access the Sonos system is now gone.  I am now having to learn how to do the simple searches using my IPAD.  A bit complicated…

I happened to hit on New Orleans is Sinking, and whatever button I pushed, we had a number of Tragically Hip songs in the queue.  I think from an album downloaded as a gift.

The more I listened, the more I recognize the songs I have heard while driving, and the more I realized that I like them.  Kind of sorry now we did not watch the special on their last concert.