We eat a lot of tomatoes, or at they previously called… love apples.

With modern green house production, we are able to buy tomatoes at our grocery store all year round.  They are Okay.

In a sunny protected spot next to the house we grow small tomatoes.  Grape and cherry.  We have tried the bigger varieties but for whatever reason we only have success from the small ones.

Does not really matter because next month and through until November we will have more tomatoes than you can imagine.  I use them in pasta sauces and in salads and my famous Brouchetta.

A few years ago I read a column that if you really want a good pasta sauce, look for canned San Marazano tomatoes from Italy.  We eventually found some at the local high end food store and they were right.  Absolutely the best pasta sauce I have ever prepared.

We were shopping at the grocery store this week and they were featuring mini San Marazano tomatoes on special.  We had to buy them and used them for a salad.

Companies should be arrested for making these claims.  Nothing like the original, and no where near as good as the cherry tomatoes that we will start to harvest next month.

You would think by now that I would be immune from marketing quality claims, but I am a sucker.  Even paid a premium.

Good news is that at least these were not tomatoes from Trump Country.  ( I hope none of you have Heinz Catsup in your pantry)