Last winter we switched our internet and TV to Telus.  It came with 1000 channels of TV.

Spent the winter and early spring getting rid of the channels we did not want.  Turns out we really do not like much on live TV.  I know there are drama series and adventures, but we have evolved.  Fortunately there are Blue Jay games, but that has not been the winning option this season. The kind of programs I record are old Maydays and Salvage Dawgs.

When we sit in the evening we watch Netflex but with this new package we also get Crave.

One of my favorite series of books are the Michael Connelly stories of Harry Bosch.  When we realized they were making a TV series on his stories I was interested but we had to subscribe to Crave TV. Did not want pay that fee only to get this one program  (we are a retired couple on a fixed income).

In any event we now get Crave for free for a period and over the last month or so watched all 4 seasons of Bosch.  Up to now the best series.

When I am watching TV in the morning before we do things, I go to You Tube and watch historical items.  In the random search I came across this series of self produced documentaries about a young Shipwright rebuilding a 110 year old yacht.  Started to watch it and gahhh, I love it.  He has at least 30 shows and I happened to hit episode 18.

This young shipwright bought a decrepit but famous wooden yacht named Tally Ho in Oregon, and had it moved to a lot in the Puget Sound, and he is slowly rebuilding it.

Now obviously there is an interest because of my lifetime hobby, but this is so much more.  A young guy working mostly by himself but getting more and more help as his You Tube series catches on.

When I watch an episode, Pat wants to watch as well and agrees that this is the best of reality programs.  Granted not for everyone…

This program is so good, that for the first time since I first watched This Old House in 1987, I am actually sending money to help subsidize his project.  Granted if you look into it, the series is so popular, he is probably getting lots of funding.

If you are bored with regular TV, go on You Tube and look up Tally Ho featuring Leo and grab an episode.  I will grant you that you have to love ship designs to understand all the details, but it is a great series.