I was reading a survey last year that says only 5% of married couples walk hand in hand regularly on a stroll.  Since then I have been observing couples that we know when we are walking.

Pretty much true.

No issue with Pat and I because we walk at different pace.  We did walk hand in hand when we were 19 and dating, but pretty much lost that habit.

Where we live we observe senior couples walk by ever few minutes.  Granted most of them are being dragged by their little doggies.  But when they come by, very few couples hold hands.

This is obviously a false indication of affection.

Proof is whenever you see Trump and Melania come down from Air Force One or on the staircase from the White House, they are hand in hand, but staying as far apart as possible.  Never looking at each other.

As a test every now and then, as Pat and I are walking, I do take her hand.  After a few steps she says “what, do you think I am walking too slow?”

There is one couple in our extended group of friends, our age, that do walk hand in hand when we, for instance, are heading to a restaurant or a parking lot after a hike, that do walk hand in hand.  You can tell that this is natural for them because they lean in towards each other as they stroll.  Unlike Donald and Melania.

As I am studying this phenomenon, I am thinking that the 5 % is about right.  But for the couples that read this blog, do you feel guilty about not holding hands???