This blog is supposed to be like an on-line diary and a series of deep thoughts from me.

But this is an interesting Friday evening…

This last week has been complicated.  We held our annual Probus club BBQ which I was in charge of.  We had a guy roast a pig on a spit for 12 hours in the parking lot and had a great Hawaiian singer for the entertainment.  Altogether a great evening.  No end of compliments on organizing this evening for me…  but I had a good team.

Now this was last Tuesday.  Tomorrow Pat and I are hosting our Vancouver Island Miata club for a run and a BBQ on the beach.  When I first proposed this I thought we might have 7 cars and maybe a dozen people. Never thought of putting together a team to help.

Summer has arrived and we are now looking at 17 cars or more and we now have to organize a BBQ on the beach for at least 32 people.

This time I should have put together a team but it is only Pat and I.  I had booked a pavilion on the beach but it has only a grill that you cook over firewood.  So we are scrambling.

Fortunately I have Pat…   She has spent the afternoon cutting up lettuce for a Caesar salad and making a big bean salad.

Now at the end of the Hawaiian bbq on Tuesday I had the foresight to go up and grab about 3 lbs of the most delicious roasted pork as a take home.  Today I shredded it and it will be be simmered in a sauce as an option tomorrow.  Costco trip today to get 48 buns and lots of burgers and wieners and pickles etc.

We are prepared to offer a BBQ to 34 people tomorrow with hamburgers, hotdogs, prepared on an open fire with a side of pulled pork on Ciabatta buns with two kind of salads.

But as the Friday evening approached 6 pm… realized that we had not planned for our meal tonight.

Thank goodness for frozen pork shu mai and shrimp and corn from the larder.

A good evening… Tomorrow is another day.