This has been a great week for Pat and me.  The Probus BBQ last Tuesday with 90 people, for which I was the event leader, turned out great.  Wonderful.  Better yet, the annual Vancouver Island Miata club run and BBQ  yesterday, organized by just 2 people, Pat and I, was a success.

They are linked.  The Probus BBQ had a Hawaiian theme.  We booked a guy to cook a pig on a spit in the venue parking lot for 12 hours — massive amounts of great pork for the dinner.  As the staff were clearing up before the entertainment, I went up with an aluminum dish to gather at least 3 lbs of cooked pork left on the buffet table.  There was more left over, but I was the only one who took the initiative to take some home.  Two nights later, I shredded it, added various sauces to make it Pulled Pork.

Yesterday was the Miata run, ending at Kin Beach.  We had a grill for hamburgers and hot dogs, and a pot on the simmer with the pulled pork.

Now there is a point to this blog….

We went to the local market garden the day before to buy lettuce for a salad and large fresh, ripe beefsteak tomatoes which I sliced up to accompany the hamburgers.  We bought fresh Ciabatta buns, and Pat made a great bean salad as well as the customary Caesar.  A great meal following a good run, where I lead the 16 participant cars from the Visitor Centre to the beach where Pat was preparing the meal.

As it turns out, very few chose to add the large, lush, local, ripe tomato slices to their hamburger.

When we cleaned up and came home, we had this bowl of ripe sliced tomatoes left over, plus a few cooked hamburgers and a little bit of pulled pork.

During the night I was thinking about what we could do with the luscious sliced tomatoes.  As it happens, Janine had given us a cook book called Plenty by Otto Lenghi.  All vegetarian dishes.   The book was sitting on the piano bench in our bedroom (I do not remember why).  At 6:30 am (Sunday) I woke up and considered how I was going to prepare a fancy brunch for my Bride when she came home from church, and how could I use the tomatoes.  Picked up the book and went back to bed and found Shakshuka, for which I had all the ingredients, including the ripe tomatoes.

While not a breakfast dish, it does have eggs on top, so close enough for a brunch.   The picture is not perfect because one of the eggs broke, but it was delicious.

My role in life is to surprise Pat when she comes home from church with a special meal.  Today was a good one.