Pat and I attended my high school reunion in Regina.  It was for the students that attended for the first 5 years from 1965 (so included graduates from 73)

We attended the reunion 25 years ago when many of our classmates attended and were young and still virile.  But time has passed.

I could barely recognize many of the people although strangely enough several guys came up to me before I had a name badge and said “Hey Bruce”  Apparently even without the Buddy Holly glasses I look the same as I did at 17 (or I like to think)

Our particular graduating class was poorly represented.  Only eleven but I suspect it was because this was a reunion put together by a small group and it is very difficult to trace people from 50 years ago.  I enjoyed it but there is no question that it was not as well organized as the one 25 years ago that had at least 50 volunteers working on it.

One of the sad things is the list of all the former students that have passed on.  They had a list and as I read through it I recognized a lot of names.

Now I will grant you, unlike my brother, I did not keep contact with many of my High School friends as the years went on.  So when we arrived most of the people I knew were the friends of Blaine.

Still a good day.  In the picture you will see Ludwig with his arm on me.  We knew each other in high school and while not good friends, got along.  Ludwig was one of the toughest guys at the school and we were on the football team together.  He went on to join the Regina Police and even though 70 is a deputy sheriff for the province.  (Sheriff people are in charge of bringing people to jail and escorting for courts)  There is no question that despite his age, no one would mix with him.

Altogether a pretty good weekend but a great part was the party Krystal hosted when we arrived where I got to see Roberta and Bill as well as my nephew’s daughter Casey.