I know that all my followers must think we live on fresh fish since we live next to the ocean.  But not quite true.

Many years ago the US government paid off most of the BC coast commercial fishing licenses.  Easy money at the time but it meant that up and down the coast on the island most of the fishing boats went into harbor to stay, rotting at the pier.  The US government paid all this money to support the Alaskan fishing industry.

As a result, when we moved here in 2008, most of the semi-fresh salmon we buy at the store comes from Alaska.  We still have a few boats that did not sell their licenses, and they bring in Halibut and Ling Cod, but are not allowed to sell fresh salmon.  The indigenous fishermen sell their catches to restaurants.

Our local Thrifty store has a fish monger that tries his best to get fresh fish from local fishermen.  When he has a big Halibut it is not unusual for him to set up in the aisle to convince people that they need a freshly cut of Halibut.  Reminds you of a fish monger in a street in London in movies (granted on ice).

On Saturday I was at the store to pick up some milk and walked by the fish counter.  He had a few fresh salmon , caught that day, trimmed, headless and gutted. Probably 4 lbs when caught (so legal size).  About 1.5 kg cleaned.  Price… $7.25!!!

Roasted it on the BBQ tonight smothered in lemons and fresh Basil.  We have enough for 2 more meals.

It is great to live in Paradise.