As the family knows, we are the owners…  is that the right term?… of a dog.

We have adopted Janine and Vedran’s West Highland White Terrier… Reese

Now we know Reese very well as we have visited and housed her many times over her 14 years of life.  But, unlike in the past, she is now our’s (well possibly on loan from J & V)

A wonderful dog, but one trained by parents/owners, who were a lot more flexible on her discipline (granted as I type this Reese comes into the den and licks my leg)  ….

We had a cat Gimli for many years.  Owning a cat is like having a teenager.  You have to feed them and hug them occasionally (when they are nice) but most of the worry is when they go out at night… when will they come home.. what sex are they having?  Cats arrive home and say.. feed me and they will tolerate a little affection, but mostly they act like a teenager.  We could ignore Gimli when we went out in the evening knowing full well that she would take care of herself in the yard.

Having a dog is like raising a two year old.  Feeding and cleaning up, and constantly seeking affection. Reese would go out and eat slugs if we let her.

We do not sleep with Reese, which was a concern to us as her previous parents/owners had her sleep on their bed every night of her life.  Fortunately Reese is an older lady and loves the fact that she has a den bed in the peaceful laundry room where she can go off each night by herself for a sleep, not interrupted by the humans rolling over.  I actually have to wake her each morning at 7 am to have her tinkle outside.

It is a change in our lifestyle.  Whereas we used to just think about our lawn mowing and garbage collection before we headed off for a brief trip we now have to think about Reese.

But there are benefits.  Like my children when they were young, Reese thinks I am wonderful.  And every time a group of golfers arrives at the tee box on the 7th fairway behind us, she warns us with barks.  Does not leave the yard.. just warns us.   Still good information because any one of these foursomes could come and attack us as we sit on the patio.

A change in life and so far we are enjoying it, as we are about to take her for her evening walk around the golf course, which is an experience we never did without a doggie.