When Meagan set up this blog site for me it was intended to pass on my deep thoughts and observations on life that  well let us say, she believed required dissemination.

I often use the site to share events in our life including developments in my models.  But here is an observation about today.

This afternoon I went off to the local grocery story to buy the ingredients I needed for the supper tonight.  I was walking out and there was a table with 2 Shriners selling tickets.  Two older guys (I mean older than I am) in their fezs with their display.  Most people were avoiding eye contact and move on but I like what Shriners do so stopped and asked what they were promoting.

They were selling 2019 calendars for $20.  Now I do not need a calendar.  We get an annual calendar from the family to die for and free ones from our investment company.  But this calendar comes with a draw for $2000 or a chance to get $25 per week for a year limited to just the calendars sold in the Valley.  Still a donation to a good cause.

So I hand over $20 and the guy on the left is helping me fill out the ticket.  When I finish the guy on the right (the one with the cash box) hands me a $10 bill.

I walked away for a few steps, stopped and looked at the display board they had and the pile of calendars.  I went back and said “are these calendars not sold for $20, you gave me back $10”

The guy on the left thanked me for being so honest and I explained that that was the way I was brought up (and I assume the way our children were brought up)  But as I was giving back the $10 bill the guy on cash had his eyes as big a dinner plates.  I suspect he had been giving back $10 all afternoon and at the end of the day he would have to cover for the shortfall.

Thank goodness we belong to clubs that are not into fund raising.