Now I never had the training in high school that the girls got in Home EC on how to make a pie crust.  I had to take shop, which in hindsight, was pretty good.  Learned how to work woodworking machines and repair my car.

Over the years the Wife has given up making pie crusts from scratch.  She maintains it is not as easy as it looks on TV.  So we have long since gone to using the frozen pie shells made by Tenderflake.

We received the latest issue of Fine Cooking magazine last week.  I have often used recipes from this magazine or used procedures in preparing meals.  This issue had an article on how to make the perfect pie crust.  Again seemed easy.  We have company coming for Thanksgiving tomorrow and I decided to make pumpkin pie from scratch… well just because I thought it would be nice.

So I went through all the steps of cubing the butter and lard and refrigerating.  Mixed the perfect quantity of flour, starch and water with a touch of vinegar. Then blended it according to the directions in the magazine.  Mixing concrete is easier.

I rolled it out and it refused to form the perfect oval you see when you watch the pastry cooks on TV.  When I put it into the glass pie plate I had to tear and re-glue pieces to get a fit.  Altogether a horrible experience and I suspect because of my constant kneading to get in shape (the directions clearly said do not overwork) I suspect it will be tough.  Does not have the fluted edge that I was aiming for.  The pumpkin filling was fairly straight forward compared to the crust.

We shall test a couple of pieces tonight (Sunday) to see if it edible.  Fall back is I go to Thriftys tomorrow morning and buy a premade pumpkin pie (only $4.99)

Back to the frozen pie shells for me.