We have inherited Reese into our home routine.  There are lots of benefits.  A Westie that likes to be hugged, but not too much,  and will take her own position on the bed when I have my nap.  She loves to sniff out slugs in the garden.  She protects us in the house when golfers go by on the fairway behind us with her alarm barking.

When we go for walks with her we meet neighbours that we otherwise would never know.  Granted most of the discussions are about the names of their dogs, their ages and the repetition of their bowel movements… but occasionally an interesting meeting.

And Pat and I are now enjoying a walk around the golf course after dinner every night which we never did before.  Beautiful golf course.

All that is aside.  Here is the true benefit.

Over the years when Pat has an issue she asks “Who left the toilet seat up?..or Who left this mess on the kitchen floor? or Who left crumbs on the table? etc

Now there were only two of us so this was her way of accusing me of not being the perfect, anal retentive freak of a husband.  I have learned to live with it.

But now I have a perfect foil.  When Pat asks Who did this? I can reply REESE .  Yes Reese leaves the toilet seat up, yes Reese leaves the counter with crumbs and yes, Reese leaves footy prints on the kitchen floor that Pat had scrubbed the previous day (actual).   And Yes… Reese farts when we are sitting on the couch watching TV.

Great to have a dog…