I could not put the term Tupperware in the title because I would get hundreds of hits, but this blog is about Tupperware.

When we were living in Markham in the 70s, Pat went to a Tupperware party and ordered a number of containers.  Many different sizes from 2 cups to 10 cups.

Most of these containers have been with us for 40+ years, and they get used all the time.  Our kids would remember over the years all the leftovers stored in them, and when they went into the fridge for a snack there was surely something good in one of these (right, James?) … but they are starting to wear out.

Tonight I noticed a tiny crack in one of our orange 4-cup bowls.  A tiny crack, but granted, it is over 40 years old.  Leaking some of the strawberry juice from the berries I bought on the weekend.

Now this container did not have any of the emblems on the bottom for the politically correct recycling which proves its age.

Over the years, we have purchased new plastic containers, occasionally Tupperware, but none of them last more than a few years.  Eventually throw most of them out.

Now I may sound like one of those old guys who says “they do not make things as good as they used to”, and that would be wrong.  99% of stuff these days have better features and are superior.  Case in point … cars built in the 70’s were crap.

But 1970’s Tupperware are much superior to the modern, made in China plastic containers.  This particular tub will go into the trash with regrets.  Fortunately we can still go to our local thrift shops, and if we are lucky, find some good old Tupperware from estate sales.