Thursday night.  It is raining and 7 deg.  Not a great day in Paradise but better than the -6 and snowing back in Oakville.

We had a busy afternoon visiting our financial advisor and then had a couple dropping in to provide me pictures of their 40 day cruise around Cape Horn.

I am the editor of the club newsletter, and have added a page on the exotic trips that our members take, and the stories are interesting.

Anyway I promised the wife that I would prepare an Indian meal for this evening but I copped out and suggested I would order take out from the very good Indian Restaurant we have in town.

Last week I was reading an article in Economist that Curry Shops in England are closing every week in the anticipation of Brexit.  Apparently most of the chefs and staff at Curry Houses in England are actually from Eastern Europe and they are being sent home.  Due to the immigration rules the shops cannot bring in actual Indian and Pakistani workers.  Again an interesting bit of info.

But the article did say, that in a recent survey, Chicken Tikka Masal was voted as the national dish of England.  Just beat out Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding.  Granted this was the kind of survey from a few years ago where Canadians almost picked Don Cherry as the greatest Canadian of all time.

I cannot recall ordering Chicken Tikka Masala before.  It was pretty good.  But does not hold a candle to the prime rib beef roast we had last week with Yorkshire pudding.

In any event a good evening, and you are correct, I am writing this as the bride cleans up and loads the dishwasher.  I did go pick up the meal.