Tomorrow I am taking the ferry to Powell River where my buddy Wayne will pick me up.  His wife, Terry, is off on a cruise, so he is alone for a week and I am heading over to spend some time visiting him.

It is not that unusual for them to have separate vacations.  Terry is adventurous and Wayne is… well he is a good friend… but a bit of a recluse.

In any event we will have 4 days together at their lovely ocean front home on Half Moon Bay.  Going to be nice.

But… there is a slight issue.  Wayne is a vegetarian.  So we will be dining on fish (thank god he is not a true vegan) for the period.  Actually not a problem as he is a very good chef.

In preparation for the lack of animal flesh.. I made a huge meatloaf today.  1 lb of beef, 1 lb of pork,  1 lb of veal with lots of veggies and feta cheese and olives etc … I could go on.

Pat admits one of the best meat loaves I have ever made.  I am topped up on meat, which should last me until I get home on Sunday.

The weather looks good so I suspect Wayne and I will have a great weekend.

Best part is I have left Patty with meals while I am gone.  A big slice of the meatloaf meal,  Chicken Enchilada (from last Monday) , leftover meat pie from last night along with leftover mashed potatoes and veggies.  She will only have to prepare one meal from scratch.  Now that is what a good husband leaving his bride at home for a few days, prepares.