Last night Pat and I joined our Probus club for an evening of Christmas Carol singing at the home of one of our good friends.  Those attending were mainly the group that meets monthly to sing songs, but with a few husbands along. About 30 people.

If you do not know this, I belong to this singing group not because I have a great voice, but because I introduce most of the songs with a story or a bit of trivia.  Apparently my stories are well received as I keep being invited back.

I did an intro to the evening, and afterwards, we just sang carols without any commentary.  Not sure how many of my followers spend an evening of singing carols with friends.

The leaders of our group are three ladies who are superb on guitars, and there are a few ladies in the group with great voices, but it is mostly just enjoyable singing.  Takes me back to elementary school.  Granted I did not get to sing the solo in We Three Kings about Gold as I did when I was 11, but a great evening.