We have had an unusual winter so far.  Warm but rainy days with brief breaks of sunshine.

Yesterday is an example.  Brilliant sunshine although a cool 3 ° C.  No wind and spectacular views of the mountains and the Comox Glacier where the snow buildup is beyond normal.  But it is early January and we have not had a hint of snow this winter which is unusual.

Walking Reese yesterday was a treat.  Her little tartan coat on and the sunshine she wanted to walk forever.  I was beginning to regret putting on the winter wheels on the Murano, but too much work to take them off.  Forecast was for return of the rain  (it is not called the wet coast for nothing).

Woke up this morning to heavy snow coming down.  At 0 ° C the flakes are wet and huge.  Snowed all day long.  I moved the snow blower to behind Little Red and charged it with gasoline.

Pat and I had a series of club meetings today culminating in a pub group (only a third of the normal turnout)  More than kinda happy that I left the snow tires on as the roads are slippery and deep and driving was terrible.

When we got home I measured the depth of the snow on the lawn and it is 6″ (15 cm) and still coming down.  The trees are covered as only you see in Disney animations of winter wonderland.

It does leave me with a dilemma.  Do I go out tonight while it is still snowing and use my machine to clear the driveways and sidewalks of the neighbours or wait until morning.  Forecast for tomorrow is 8 ° C and rain so if I do not do my duty tonight maybe the neighbours will not realize my effort.

Pat took Reese outside for her brief visit and the snow came up to her belly.  She did her little thing but was happy to come inside and a lay down by the fire.

I do not like snow but it is very pretty tonight outside.