If you read my last blog, this is a my what happened next.

Interesting detail is that if my blog site got more than 1000 hits I might make some money, minuscule at best.  Apparently these days you need a million hits to get any form of advertising payout.

So I am less concerned about my title these days which includes the words winter wonderland.

As I was heading to bed last Tuesday at 9:30, I looked out and the snow was tapering off. The snow was 8″ deep and level with no wind.

So I thought I would be a hero and take the machine out and clear driveways and sidewalks while everyone was in bed.  Huge problem because the plows had come by and dumped 2 foot ridges of snow concrete on every driveway.  The snow was liquid lead.  I did my best, but did not get every driveway and sidewalk done that I had achieved in the past.  Exhausting work   The plow ridges alone could have used a pick and shovel.

Made it to bed by 11 feeling sore but thinking I had done a brave and neighbourly thing. Kind of heroic.

About 3 am I woke to hear the drain that runs down from the roof behind our bedroom, gurgling away with water running off the roof.  Apparently during the night the temperature rose to 8° C and the snow turned to rain.

When I got up stiff and sore, I looked out and the 8 inches of snow was disappearing.  The driveways that I cleared were down to the pavement but by mid afternoon every driveway was clear.

I chose not to go the the fitness club on Wednesday.  By the following morning virtually all the snow was gone.

As Pat reminds me, it is not just the good deeds that you perform that gets you into heaven, it is also the intention to do good deeds.

Still, I could use a refund of the $4 of fuel I burned that night.