Last night was special because we watched the Wolf Moon /  Blue Moon etc.  When the moon came closest to Earth and went through the earth’s shadow.

I know you are saying “big deal, everyone in the world saw it”  But a big deal here.

Mid January in Paradise and we normally have overcast and rain.  Occasional days with sunshine but even then with a high cast cirrus cloud predicting the next rain coming in from the Pacific.

Do not get me wrong, I love it here.  I accept the rain because the lawn and the golf course behind us is green and lush, and I do not have to mow the lawn yet.

But this has been a strange winter.  Aside from one crazy day where we received a half foot of snow, it has been warmer than normal almost every day.  Lots of rain.  The skiers on Mount Washington are loving it (our rain is their snow).

When I heard about the Wolf Moon / Blue Moon date coming up on Jan. 19,  I thought well, nice for some, but little chance we would experience it.  However…

A high pressure system came up from California and we have had 3 days of crystal clear skies and low humidity.  You cannot believe how clear the view is to the Comox Glacier.

Last night the moon was huge and (unlike the rest of North America) the eclipse was coming in prime time starting at 6:30 pm.  It was a mild 7 C at 9:00 pm.

We took Reese for a walk to the end of the street where we could move beyond the street lights.  The huge moon was magnificent.  I attach a picture (granted a copied picture, as I tried with my camera, but this is better).  But the picture is exactly as we saw it.  Eventually it turned entirely red (not sure why they call it a Blue Moon)

I was at the fitness club this morning and everyone was talking about the night before.  A good friend, Dave, told me he and his wife went out early (because the moon was as big as a pie plate) but went in and watched TV and forgot to go back out.  We all told him that he missed the experience of a lifetime, but not to worry it might happen again here in 30 years.