James sent me a couple of ebooks by John Scalzi a Sci Fi writer.  Some time in the future a massive infection kills 400 million people and leaves 40 million as paraplegics.  They develop androids that are connected to the brains of the paraplegics so that they can go out in public, go to school or get jobs all while the body lies comatose. They call them Hadens. Think of the robots in I Robot each controlled by one person and they are called threeps.

So I am lying in bed this morning at 6:30. It is a workout day and I am lying there kind of achy from yard work and think would it not be wonderful to send my threep to the gym to greet the other regulars and do my exercises.  No need to worry about heart rate just battery drain.

But then it occurred to me that would mean me lying like a slug on a bed with tubes taking my body waste to a bag and being fed by tube from a bag (hopefully a different bag) waiting for someone to roll my body to avoid bed sores….  so I got up and went to the gym instead.