As many of you know, I broke my right incisor tooth last August.  Went through months where I could not use my front teeth for chewing.  Despite my cheap medical insurance program,  I chose to have an implant replacement.  Months went by where everything had to be shoveled to the back of the mouth for chewing.

I told my dental surgeon in October, when he asked me what I expected from this implant, I told him I wanted to eat ribs and a hot dog without cutting them up.  I think he thought it was so I looked good.

Finally I got my tooth implanted just before we headed off to Australia.  Apparently they do not do hot dogs and ribs down under.

Tonight (Saturday) we chose to have proper hot dogs.  Now these are not those steamed meat sticks on a bun that we fed our kids over the years, these were proper Hot Dogs.

Start with the long Polish sausages you get at Costco.  Grill to perfection.  Take some sausage buns (toasted) for the extra length.  Add cheddar cheese, sliced kosher dills, grilled onions and spicy chili, and you have a proper Hot Dog.

It is worth the 8 months of waiting and the thousands of dollars for the implant.  Yum