A fact most people do not realize is that there were more deaths in the RAF and RCAF and the American Army Air Force on bomber commands in WWII than all the Allied armies and US Marines in the war.

A very high percentage of young men who served, died.  Probably the highest percentage except for German sailors in U-Boats.

I always think I am lucky because my father volunteered to be in the air crew, but because of less than perfect eyesight he became an air engine mechanic.  Pat’s father was good at math and became a Navigator — so good he was assigned for Navigator training.  True stories…  but not the point of this blog.

When RAF and later USAAF bomber crews were being sent off on missions they were given a reward.  Bacon sandwiches.  If they made it back they got the same.

Men love bacon.  Not sure I want to die for it, but a great treat.

It is Friday, a week before Good Friday.  Now normally we would be having fish.  I had proposed Bouillabaisse, but Pat woke up with an upset tummy, so a change in plans.

Tonight we had mac and cheese.  Now not the Kraft out of the box, but lovingly prepared with elbow pasta and fresh Cheddar cheese and lots of butter etc.

A little too boring for me, so once I served Pat’s portion,  I added chopped cooked bacon to the pot, let it warm up, and a great meal.

Would I be prepared to head off on a near suicide mission after being served bacon… well let me say……