Pat and I went to a funeral, well more correctly called a memorial service, today.  The second for me in the last 6 months.  These were the first non-family funeral / memorials I have been to in 30 years.  Both of them were more acquaintances than friends but people we knew and liked from our social clubs.

Particularly sad today because Sherry was only 63, and a great, friendly lady.  Not sure if that is the right term but if you met her, you liked her.

I guess this is going to be a more regular experience as our circle of friends and contacts get older.

Huge turnout for both the memorials.  Surprisingly crowded, standing room only.  I kept thinking that there is no way there will be that many at my service.

We discussed this on the way home and Pat said… do not worry dear, we will offer an open bar for yours.