When I was young we often had roast beef at our Uncle Ken and Aunt Grace’s place.  Granted they raised beef cattle and they needed to use the product.

Being typical prairie people they roasted the beef to be well done until it was stiff.  Mashed potatoes and peas.  Aside from salt and pepper not much else.

When we moved to Toronto we experienced a whole new environment of dining alternatives for beef.

When we finally got some money to dine out, we went to this place called Ed’s Warehouse.  A huge restaurant with artwork and antiques galore.  All the waiters wore tuxedos and as a man, you could not get in without a jacket and tie.  Only served prime rib meals.  Nevertheless, it was the high-end dining experience in town with every movie star and entertainer making it a must.

Fabulous prime rib and mashed or baked potatoes with veggies and the hottest horseradish you could imagine.  Wonderful condiment, but you had to be careful.

Since then we often have horseradish with all our beef meals and sometimes mixed in for a seafood sauce.  But almost all the horseradish we buy at the local stores are at best OK.

This morning I had a brief trip to Costco to pick up supplies, and they had Keg Restaurant Horseradish on sale.  I bought a jar and brought it home.

Tonight we were having steaks and smashed (not mashed) potatoes.  I included a small bit of the Keg’s horse radish and it was devine.  Cleared my sinuses it was so hot.

Best I have had since the 70s at Old Ed’s.