My followers will remember that I have published a blog about my Chicken Pot Pie in the past, but this is a special version.

We just returned from a great week in Calgary.  We had a two day drive back home (to give breaks for Reese) .

Our normal meal when we arrive back in town in the late afternoon is to pick up one of those BBQ chickens at Superstore with all the fixins.  Easy peesy meal.

We always blend up a batch of Swiss Chalet dipping sauce to go with the meal.

In the old days I would have consumed half the chicken and Pat a quarter, but these days we are left with a 2/3 of the chicken.  Our normal solution is to harvest the meat and I make a Chicken Pot Pie later.  I have blogged this meal in the past.

I normally roll a pie crust for the topping but this time I chose to use 7 layers of phyllo pastry to celebrate our great week.  Beautiful result with a crispy topping.  Granted, taste the same as my normal pot pie…   but always in the presentation.

The bride was very happy with the meal, which was worth the extra effort.