I am not sure if you, in my Blog family, have noticed the unusual exponential cost of Celery.  Well here in Paradise it is becoming very serious.

Now I have to admit I am neutral on celery.  It is the chewy part of a salad.  Best use is cut into 2″ pieces filled with Cheese Whiz as a side dish for Chicken Wings.

The reputation for Celery is that you consume more calories chewing it than you gain.  Okay a fundamental diet item.  Basically a veggie with little flavour but crispy texture to make you think you are enjoying your diet dish.

However Patty likes to add it to our evening salads.  Again for the texture.

But the cost has gone through the roof.  A stalk of Celery at our local store is $6.  I mean who would pay this?

The TV documentaries and the on-line excuse is that the demand for Celery juice has driven up the price for all of us.

Gimmee a break.  Who, of my Blog fans, would choose to have a glass of Celery juice versus…..well… every other alternative.  I do not care if it cures Cancer, this is not right.

Granted if I could have invested in Celery futures several months ago…I would be rich.

Meantime I think we will add Daikon to our salads until reality comes back.