Far be it from me to use my family blog to discredit an appliance supplier, but I am a little ticked off today.

10 years ago we bought a high end Stainless Steel LG fridge on the recommendation that it was … well a premium fridge manufacturer.  Double door with bottom freezer.  Even paid the extra for the LED lighting and the tempered glass shelves.  It has been a very good fridge, (aside from the ice maker jamming up, but that is another issue)

Last month I closed one of the doors with a pull out compartment partially open.  A roller on a side rail broke.  Again not a design issue I claim full responsibility.  The rail is an easily replaced plastic component.  I went on-line and could not find it.  Contacted LG service in Canada and they do not carry parts for OLD REFRIGERATORS.  I mean 10 years old.

Kind of ticked off.  I will have to search the internet to find the part.  Somewhere there is an appliance repair place that might have this part (that lets face it could be a common repair)

Again I am not looking for a part for a 1972 General Electric Fridge, THE LG IS ONLY 10 YEARS OLD.

Now back to my normal programming……..