This weekend was the Knights of Columbus garage sale at Pat’s Church.  They have been requesting donations from the members of the church for the last two months.

I cleaned out tools and lights and assorted items to donate.  Start of the process to clear our inventory and delivered many items along with half the congregation on Friday.

So Saturday we went to attend the sale.  Lots of great items at great prices, but the last thing we need is more stuff that we would have to get rid of on day.

I ended up with a DVD “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and a double CD of Aretha Franklin’s greatest hits.  Total cost $1.

We watched the movie last night and enjoyed it.

I ripped the CD into my sonos inventory.  Turns out we have a lot of Aretha but never too much.

This evening we sat on the patio as I grilled pork chops and just listened to her.  The sun was shining on the golf course and the skies were blue and the music just worked perfect.

A Paradise evening with Aretha.