All our kids have at one time or another, fallen and ended up with skinned knees.  Usually resulting in some tears, a wipe and Patty kissing them better.  Off and running again.

Last week I was on a hike to Ripple Rock.  This is considered a difficult hike for our senior group because of vertical stretches that challenge our legs and balance over roots and loose rock.

No big issue for younger people and the view at the summit overlooking the Seymour Narrows is worth the effort which makes it a very popular hike (although one lady died on it last year)

Still an awkward hike for those whose knees and ankles are not up to the rocky terrain.  As it happens I tripped at one point and fell forward.  I was in shorts so skinned my knees badly.

I was kind of embarrassed that I had tripped so quickly got up and moved on.  The knees did hurt but I braved on.  At the next water break stop the group were alarmed by the blood running down my legs into my socks.  As I am on warfarin, which several of the group knew, they were concerned.  Wiped it up and bandaged but it continued to bleed through the hike.  I nursed the sympathy.

Neither Patty nor my mother were there to kiss it better so I had to suffer through.

Got home and washed out grit and I am now the proud owner of a couple of skinned knees with the scabs.  I think I will live.  Like I told my kids at the time… buck up it will get better.