It is another lovely evening in Paradise.  We were enjoying dinner when the song Barra Barra came up on our sonos music list.

Years ago I downloaded the album by Rachid Taha an Algerian group who’s most famous song is Barra Barra.  Actually a good listening album.

However Barra Barra has a history.  Although it just means Out Out.. it was the featured song in the movie Black Hawk Down, playing in the background when US special forces are battling Somali fighters.  Song is a big part of the ambiance of the movie and has been adopted by Islamic fighters.

Anyway that is not the story.  Many years ago Pat and I along with Janine and Vedran and Meagan were attending the wedding of Tandy and Steve in Las Cruces New Mexico.  Very near the Mexican border.

The five of us were driving up the highway to attend the night-before party at the ranch where Steve grew up.  I was playing a music list on the rented van system when the song Barra Barra came on.  It was dusk and as it happens we were about to approach one of the “north of the border” security stops that they have in New Mexico.  There are many of these near border crossings north of Mexico looking for, well what Trump would call, evil illegals.

The kids were telling me to stop playing that Islamic Terrorist music before we got stopped.  Major concern was that Janine and Vedran had not brought their passports.  Fortunately, the officer just shone his light in the car and saw the girls and just waved us through.  Still if I had been playing Barra Barra, would we have been investigated???

A song that reminds me of a moment in life.