Well after 2 1/2 years, I have finished another model.  The HMS Themis, another Frigate.  If you are keeping track, this is my third frigate.  The Juno, completed 25 years ago, and the Diana (made for Kelly and Dave) three years ago.

The Themis is interesting.  I have been a fan of historical fiction about the Royal Navy during the wars against the French.  Starting with CS Forester and Alexander Kent and Patrick O’Brian (think of the movie Master and Commander), and many others.  About 5 years ago I found a short series of 3 novels by Sean Russell.  To my surprise Sean lives in Comox.  Got to know him and decided to make a model of the Themis which is featured through all 3 of these books.

Over the last year, Sean has come over often to see the progress of the model.  So interested I have decided to give him the model.  Certainly I cannot believe anyone would appreciate it more than Sean.  By the way, Themis is the goddess of justice.  You have seen the image many times.  A blind-folded lady holding up a set of balance scales with a sword in her other hand.  Try carving one of these 2 cm high!!!!

I will be keeping it for awhile as I contemplate some finishing details.  Still not happy with the figurehead and it needs a plaque, but later this summer we will be hosting a Launching Party, and then I will give it to him.

No idea what my next ship project will be.  This is unusual because I normally have a model in mind and would have sourced plans.  But I realize that I no longer have the skills for detailed Royal Navy ships.  I was struggling with this model, taking longer than I did in the past with small parts because my hands are no longer as steady.  I still love the hobby, but will have to find easier models to build.  In any event, I will take the rest of the summer off.