As I sit writing this blog, Reese is busy cleaning the plates and Pat is loading the dishwasher.

After a week of cool wet weather, summer has returned.  Granted we really needed the rain.

Today, Saturday, we were invited by friends to share lunch at an Austrian bakery in downtown that does an unusual meal once a month.  A small bakery/deli that is noted for people dropping in to have coffee and pastries and special sandwiches.  This is a small place run by a couple from Austria.  He does the baking and she runs the front counter.  No credit cards and if it gets busy, you know you have to wait a bit.

Last winter they decided to add a special.  Once a month on a Saturday the husband prepares Schnitzel for lunch.  No real advertising but the regulars look for this.  Friends of ours invited us to join them last January and it was as good a Schnitzel as I have ever had.  We have been back 3 times.   Thin, with a great light coating and just delicious.

Today we again attended the lunch.  We now have to make sure you know someone because he only makes a limited amount and by 1 pm they are sold out.  Like all good Schnitzel it is the size of a dinner plate and comes with great side dishes.  Way too much for a lunch.  We now know to save half the Schnitzel each and bring it home.

So tonight we had the leftover Schnitzel, on toasted Kaisers with lettuce with a side of Potato Salad…  which leads to the point of this blog.

In my lifetime I have consumed many many potato salads.  Back in the old days in our youth when we went to Tregarva picnics, every farm wife had a favorite recipe.

We used to make it ourselves.  Experimented with the type of mayonnaise and the Dijon Mustard (a radical departure) with dill and pickles.  I have always loved good Potato salad.

But here is the radical revelation or should I say confession…. We have found the red potato salad from Costco to be the absolute best we have ever had.  I know you are saying we have sold out but it is delicious and has everything that was missing in the old Tregarva recipes (aside from the love).

So tonight we had Schnitzel on buns with great Potato salad.  When you think about it… we are living the good life.