Pat’s parish priest has moved on.  Father Merrick came to the valley from Poland many years ago.  Now my observations are, from the times I accompany Pat to Mass, he seems like a good priest.  Dynamic, not boring (an important criteria for me when I attend mass) and involved in the youth groups taking them on camping and adventure activities.

To me a success for a priest is the number of people that show up for masses.  In the winter Father Merrick had between 1500 to 2000 people for the three masses on the weekend.  He then headed off to give mass at tiny parishes like on Denman Island.  He was the computer guru for the church and much in demand for the sub groups that wanted his presence at activities.  The parish has an active support group and a good income.

But as it is said… all good deeds go not go unpunished.  Father Merrick has transferred to a tiny parish in Zambia Africa.  He has high hopes that they have electricity and has taken all his shots.

There is a new Priest coming in town.  Lucky guy with a big, active, wealthy parish.  I suspect a rarity.

Anyway the point for this blog.  Tonight (Tuesday) is the welcoming Mass and reception for the new guy.  Pat’s CWL is, of course, in charge of the food for the reception.

Heaven forbid the Knights of Columbus (the male equivalent of the CWL) would have to prepare and serve food.

Pat was charged with preparing fruit and dessert slices for the reception.  She then headed off to help set up the tables, but before she left she made a special plate for the fruit presentation.  What an artist.  Just a small part of the fruit and slices she had prepared.