Pat and I had another adventure today.  A few months ago Pat bid on a charity auction for a day trip for two on the Frances Barkley which sails out of Port Alberni.  We managed to coordinate this to travel with our dear friends Wayne and Terry.

The Frances Barkley is a ferry/freighter that sails from Port Alberni down the Alberni Inlet (which is actually a long fyord) that leads to the Pacific stopping to provide supplies at camps and communities.  This particular trip is only one day started at 8:00 am in Port Alberni  goes to Bamfield, staying for an hour and half and heads back to Port Alberni to arrive at 5:00 pm.  A few stops at camps to drop off supplies and at one point picking up 20 young campers.

It was a beautiful day.   Maybe 50 passengers when we headed off.

The fyord twists through low mountains covered in trees.  Not quite as Craggy as the Milford Sound fyord we visited in New Zealand, but still lovely.  Smooth sailing under blue skies.

We brought along Reese who was welcomed by everyone aboard.  A very good doggie today.

Our visit to Bamfield was interesting.  This is a small town (about 200 people)  basically strapped along each side of an inlet that gets most of their income from fishermen, kayak adventurers and people heading off on the West Coast Trail.  A long series of cottages linked by a boardwalk.  A qwerky west coast town with funny signs and artsy sculptures and fences.

There is a road access but it is very rough so most people arrive on the Barkley.

Wonderful Day