Reese is now 15 years old, which is getting up there for a Westie.  Still lean and mean in structure but she does like to sleep a lot.

Daily walks are how we try to keep her fit.  As you can see by the picture, Reese does not go on short walks with me.  Very reluctant.

She does love her walks with Pat and with some encouragement can go for an hour or more with her, but local walks with me are a non starter.

However I have found a solution.  I have her jump into the passenger seat in Little Red and I drive her to a hiking place with her nose out over the passenger door (on a seat belt leash).  She loves it and will tolerate a walk in a forest with me.

There is no question that Reese loves her Geemaa more, but like when I was courting Pat… a girl loves a guy in a sports car.