Last night (the Monday of the August long weekend) we were invited to join a group of friends at a home that has a balcony facing the Comox harbour.   Every year there is a fireworks display for BC Heritage Day from a barge in the harbour, and our host’s home is 2 blocks from the beach on an elevated ridge where the fireworks are … right there.

The invitation required that we bring some wine (no problem as we just returned from a wine visit to Kelowna) plus some finger appies.  Party started at 8 with the fireworks at 10:15.

As it started to get really dark the stars came out.  The balcony faces south and there revealed was a brilliant early star.  As I may be considered a very knowledgeable person they asked me what it was.  I said as it is early in the evening it must be Venus.  A few minutes later a red star appeared just down to the right which I identified as Mars.  Even then I was realizing this could be a mistake but everyone was oohing and aweing.  Then there was a bright star to the left and I did not even try to identify it.  As it became darker the three stars became even more brilliant.

At 10:15 we watched as good as fireworks display as you could imagine coordinated with music broadcast over a local radio station that our host had connected to his outdoor speakers.  Great fireworks.

But as Pat was driving me home I had doubts about the stars so when I got home I looked them up on my star chart app.  Turns out the bright star was Jupiter and the red planet was Antares but even more surprising, the bright star to the left was Saturn.  I do not think I have seen Saturn and Jupiter in the sky together.

To be honest… I sent an email that night to the host and several of the guests admitting that I was wrong and identifying the correct celestial objects.  The replies were .. we don’t care, your story was convincing.

If you look to the south in the next few evening you can enjoy this sight.

In case you ask what appy we brought, well Pat made something special.  You may remember my blog about Blackberries.  Pat made skewers that had mini Boncaciono cheese, fresh basil leaves and the blackberries.  Perfect for the evening.