We have been eating so many blackberries with our dessert that we did not have enough in the fridge for Pat to make her Blackberry pie.  Picked, fresh berries that have not gone through the nuclear storage techniques used by stores, do not last long in the fridge so must be consumed quickly.  I have been putting them on my morning cereal and we have them with ice cream every night and are giving them away.

Pat wanted to make her pie and our supply was not sufficient for her recipe. So we took Reese for another walk and in 10 minutes picked what you see in the bucket.

If you look at the price of Blackberries in the store… well if my grandchildren came out here, and had a great work ethic, and a certain tolerance to thorn pain… we could make hundreds of dollars.  Particularly as we could market them ORGANIC and WILD.  I am sure Janine or Vedran could come up with a proper logo.

More than we need for the Blackberry pie.